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Frequently Asked Question:

What are my options if I select a heartworm-positive dog?

Saving Grace offers adopters three options if they meet and select a dog afflicted with Heartworms. Saving Grace strives to offer these very special dogs the same opportunities for adoption with the limited resources we have available for this program.

Saving Grace uses a Melarsomine injection protocol. This is a series of injections provided over a several week period. This protocol has proven in most cases safe and effective for those in need of treatment. Click here  for more information on the options Saving Grace offers. As with any major treatment it does come with associated risks and aftercare protocols for more information on caring for a Heartworm positive dog click  Post Heartworm Treatment Care for your New Dog.

Saving Grace understands that this is a more involved adoption process and that there are always risks involved with major treatments of any kind and as a result this type of adoption may not be for everyone. We are thankful to the group of sponsors that make this special program possible for the many Heartworm-positive dogs we see through our program — you can make a donation to help us treat more heartworm positive dogs..

Option 1: Basic Protocol
Bring your new adopted friend back to Saving Grace for treatment – potentially for multiple return visits over several months.


Adopt from Saving Grace

Step 1 Understand the responsibility

Make sure you understand Saving Grace, and how adopting a new pet will impact your life.

Step 2
Apply to adopt

Start the formal process that will get you an appointment to meet available dogs.

Step 3 Take them home

Once we all agree you've found your new pet, pay the adoption fee and take them home (after stopping at the Supply Co)!

Step 4
Love them!

Taking them home is just the beginning. Your pup will need lots of patience and TLC!

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